All the Victories and Failures in “90 Day Fiancé”

The quota of sugary romance our bodies need was given to us for years by “90 Day Fiancé.” We can’t say they are the heroes of our generation, but we do care about their lives. Why kid ourselves. The show was loved by many and for excellent reason.

Couples that competed on 90 Day Fiance.
Source: TLC

Reality dating shows don’t always end well, so those who make the personal sacrifice of exposing their love lives deserve to be remembered. We wanted to look at three couples who stopped by “90 Day Fiancé” to offer a bit of TV history. We want you to know what happened to them years after the show.

Daniela and Mohamed: Divorced

These long-distance lovers didn’t turn out to be the success they expected. They starred in an epic age difference drama. An adult woman and a younger man met in a chat room. For them, the crush was imminent, but Danielle’s children were not at all happy with the union.

Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali
Source: YouTube

They took full advantage of the 90 days the show allowed them to get married. But the marriage lasted less than a season of the reality show. Mohamed never had sex with Danielle, citing religious reasons. And a controversy began that cost Mohamed $12,500 and his K-1 visa.

Brett and Daya: Married

This love began in the Philippines. Bret traveled from Washington, never imagining the exotic Daya would smite him. The romance was as incredible as the paradise that saw them fall in love. However, when they arrived in America, things changed.

Brett Otto and Daya De Arce
Source: Tumblr

Daya didn’t have the best of mothers-in-law. Brett’s mother called her a gold digger and did everything she could to separate them. But there are bonds more robust than any judgment. The couple surprised everyone by getting married in 2015. Two years later, their little Isabella was born.

Cassia and Jason: Divorced

Jason flew from Florida, intending to fall in love with Cassia no matter what. The U.S. Army veteran fell in love with the 23-year-old Brazilian. On the other hand, Cassia was coming out of a complicated relationship, but she gave herself to Jason’s love.

Jason Hitch and Cassis Tavares
Source: TLC

Failure came once again because of the age difference. The young Brazilian girl wanted a life a little more hectic. Cassia ended up filing for divorce in 2018 to marry an Italian man of age more similar to hers. The friendship between Jason and Cassia remains years after the series.