Expressing Creativity with Plastic Straws

Over the years, plastic straws have created quite a high level of a nuisance as a waste product, leading to their ban in several states and countries. Straws were initially made for easy drinking beverages but can be used for many different things.

A bunch of straws in a glass.
Photo by Christopher/Pexels

When infused with some creativity, you can do much more, and in turn, this ultimately improves recycling. Here are some awesome tricks we think can come in handy and ensure you achieve more for less with your straws. Are you excited yet? Read on, and you will be!

Personal Style and Fashion

Do you know you could make a unique fashion statement using straws? All you need to do is part your hair into finely patterned sections or partition it randomly, depending on your sense of style. Next, wrap each section around a straw. If you want extra hold, add some spray gel, and you can spend the whole day looking chick!

A woman uses straws instead of curlers in her hair.
Source: YouTube

For jewelry lovers who love traveling, you no longer have to suffer from the mess of tangled jewelry pieces. A simple stress-free hack is to slide each one into a straw, and you never have to worry about detangling your chains again.

Enhancing Flower Fittings and Presentations

Flowers are a must-have for every home as their presence brings beauty and provides a serene ambiance. One major hassle of getting fresh flowers is their tendency to start drooping after a few days. The good news is that you can prevent this by supporting the stems with straws, so they remain standing tall, firm, and beautiful.

Straws are placed on the stems of flowers.
Source: YouTube

What’s more? You don’t have to worry about your plants dying off if you have to travel. You can fix up a straw in the cork of a wine bottle filled with water. When turned upside down in the plant, the flowing trickle will keep the plants fresh for longer.

Home Decorations and Beautifications

You can save up quite some money by harnessing straws to beautify your home rather than spending heavily on home outfitters. One creative way is by using colorful straws to frame your favorite pictures. Next, attach a string, and voila! You’ve got a lovely framed picture.

A geometric planter made from straws.
Source: Tumblr

You can even get more artistic by stringing straws together in any stylish geometric form, spraying them with grand color that suits your home, and if you add a small flower pot in the mix, you may just be surprised at your ingenuity.

Kitchen Tips and Tricks

Wondering how straws can help make life simpler in the kitchen? You’d be surprised that for something as simple as pouring out your ketchup, inserting a straw into the ketchup bottle will easily unclog the ketchup and give it an aerated feel.

Using a straw to get ketchup out of the bottle.
Source: Tumblr

Furthermore, if you need a bag clip but don’t have one handy, you can fold the bag from the closing tip around the straw, and then another straw can be placed over to fold to roll it up and seal the bag properly, keeping your contents fresh and airtight.