A Series of Coincidences that Made Pretty Woman a Classic

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere beautifully portrayed the star-crossed lovers Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis in the classic 1990 movie, Pretty Woman. The movie launched Julia Roberts from just a “nobody” to the highest-paid actress of all time and sealed her fate as a contemporary idol. Set in the captivating backdrop of Beverly Hills, this all-time classic movie has garnered countless fans worldwide.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in a scene from the film.
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As it turns out, Vivian and Edwards’s famous love story wouldn’t have been what it is today without a series of coincidental events hadn’t taken place. All movies have bloopers and secrets, and don’t worry; we got the details on this one. There are plenty of fascinating facts about this movie that even the die-hard fans couldn’t possibly know.

Here is the backstage drama of the movie masterpiece, Pretty Woman.

Only Julia Roberts will Do

It’s impossible to imagine anyone other than Julia Roberts playing the stunning red-headed Vivian Ward. Although Roberts was initially cast, she stepped out of the role when Disney’s movie rights were given. This executive decision almost changed movie history if it weren’t for Gary Marshal, the movie’s director.

Julia Roberts in a scene from the film 'Pretty Woman.
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When Disney took over, Marshall was put in charge of the movie. He insisted that they revert to the original class. More specifically, he wanted Julia Roberts to star as Vivian because he noticed her star power and made the movie and great hit. He wasn’t wrong. I know I glossed over that Pretty Woman is a Disney film, but it is.

A Spontaneous, Improvised Scene

Sometimes, the most memorable scenes are unplanned. It happens in many classic movies, and Pretty Woman is no exception. When Vivian was presented with a diamond necklace from Edward for the opera went down in cinematic history as one of the best-unscripted scenes of all time.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the iconic scene with the necklace.
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As the script said, Julia Roberts reached out to touch the diamond necklace. That’s where Richard Gere snapped the case shut – which was completely unplanned; the actor came up with it himself. Naturally, Julia Roberts laughed, showing off her famous smile that continues to leave fans smitten. That scene ultimately became one of the most iconic things about Pretty Woman.

Coincidence? I Think Not

Edward’s luxurious life was depicted as a brand new world to the less-cultured Vivian Ward, who had never been to fancy places before. So, when she joined him for a meal, the snails had her baffled. Vivian, an escargot virgin, tried eating the dish, but the slimy snail slipped out of her hand and was expertly caught by the waiter. He quickly covered up for her saying, “it happens all the time.”

Julia Roberts and Hector Elizondo are in the restaurant.
Source: Moviestillsdb.com/Copyright: Touchstone Pictures

Gary Marshall, who went on to Direct Disney’s Princess Diaries, recreated the same scene in the other movie many years later. So, when the princess in training Mia Thermopolis breaks her champagne glass, the same waiter (now older) tells her, “It happens all the time.”